Whilst we live with the uncertainty of the spread of COVID-19, like most of you, I have needed to modify the way I work and socialise.

On March 23rd 2020, to provide protection to my clients, my family and my friends, I made the decision to cease all face-to-face art therapy sessions and social visitations.

Although this was a difficult decision, it prompted me to change the way in which I provide my creative arts therapy services. In consultation with each individual client, I have adapted the face-to-face processes to utilise online tools, to maintain our therapeutic relationships. 

These tools include, creative arts therapy online video tutorials, video gatherings, phone-calls, messaging and texting.

Not only has this been educational and mutually rewarding, it has meant that I can take on clients that are not in close proximity to my creative arts therapy studio. This means I can provide the benefits of Creative Arts Therapy to clients around the world.

For a FREE consultation please email me at chris@upbeatcat.com.au

Wishing you health, happiness and creativity.

Chris Petrie